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I believe in a gentle approach to building trust and confidence between human and horse. When a horse feels heard, work becomes a conversation, training becomes fun, and there is a foundation for a successful relationship. 

I work with people to find the space where the horse feels safe to express his/her side of things, openings the door to a profound and productive relationship. When a horse feels safe they are ready to play and instinctively take responsibility for their role in the work.

I believe in gently inviting the horse to join the conversation, offer solutions and energy.


The goal of my practice is to help human and horse develop a practical and intuitive communication, which in turn, results in a healing and joyful experience that opens up the soul and makes the world make sense.


Join me in an exploration of the horse/human relationship as I guide you into the subtleties of connection for a deeper understanding of the horse and yourself.

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From dressage to endurance, groundwork is essential to everything

we do with a horses.


Starting that relationship on the ground allows us to see our horse

eye to eye, and to give it a voice in the dialogue we are building.


Like humans, horses trust those who understand them. Through groundwork, we build an emotional relationship between human and horse that leads to greater cooperation, a willingness to please, and an eagerness take on new challenges.

Horses watch our every move. They are incredibly sensitive to our emotions. Their language is physical and they are constantly trying to communicate. For people, body language is not our primary way of communicating but we can learn how to engage at that level.


I will help you to understand, observe, and develop the horse’s abilities without asking for too much. To be able to get and keep their attention and not let them get bored or overwhelmed. To get them to enjoy work and want to play and avoid conflict.

I will guide you in the quest to know how to be firm without loosing your cool, to maintain trust in the horse and yourself.


Mind & Body Work
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