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“The horse moved like a dancer, which is not surprising.
A horse is a beautiful animal, but he is perhaps most remarkable
because he moves as if he always hears music.”

- Mark Helprin, A Winter’s Tale


My Goals

My Method

My Services

I want you to have a happy athlete.

I believe horses have a deep connection between how they feel and how they move. They enjoy moving well and for that they need to feel good.
I will help the horse use its body better by releasing tension and helping to minimize natural conformation issues.

I aim to build longevity of soundness and a positive emotional state.

I provide the Equinology® Approach.

This involves a combination of

  • sports massage,

  • soft-tissue mobilization,

  • stretching,

  • range of motion & positioning exercises,

  • muscle activation techniques,

  • focal point work.

I provide static and dynamic assessments before the session hands on techniques.
I can also evaluate the saddle fit.

I will look at your horse from head to toe. I will assess the musculature, conformation and feet. I will watch the horse in motion to spot asymmetries and potential problems. I will go over the whole body to find areas of tension and differences of development.
I will tune in to the horse to pick up on what affects him.

And I will work with you to come up with a comprehensive plan to get your horse happy at doing his best..

The Happy Athlete

I believe horses are natural athletes.
They enjoy moving well and for that they need to feel good.
There is a deep connection between the horse’s emotional state and its ability to perform. A horse doesn’t show tension and discomfort. It will quietly adjust to tension and asymmetry by compensating in its posture and movement. Imbalance and tension can build up even in an unridden horse. The casual athlete and the high performer can accumulate complicated compensatory habits over time. I will help the horse use its body better by releasing tension and helping to minimize the effects of natural conformation issues. I will help you recognize what is going on with your horses, and undo limiting postural habits. With regular work, the horse can find its natural movement.  
Given a chance to move freely a horse will move well.

“The horse’s muscles provide the earliest indicatons of anxiety. Muscular tonus is closely involved with variations in its psychological state. Emotional equilibrium is as vital to optimum sporting performance as the physiological readiness of the underlying mechanical structures which will not perform on command unless the horse is comfortable and confident.” 

-Denoix & Pailloux Physical Therapy and Massage for the horse

Bodywork & Liberty

As an equine bodyworker, incorporating liberty work into my therapy sessions with horses can help to create a more relaxed, responsive, and balanced horse, which can enhance the effectiveness of the bodywork treatments. It also gives the horse a platform to express itself and gives me one more tool for understanding what they are feeling.

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Based in Sonoma County 
and the East Bay.

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