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We will have fun!

We will study the signals the horse is giving us and find ways to make her feel confident and heard.

We will seek out cooperation in movement and find oneness.

We will use synchrony and mimicry to deepen the bond to get the body and the mind working together.

We will build trust and understanding through body language.

We will gain clarity in communication and empower you to embody your leadership.

From backyard liberty to enhancing the performance of a horse/rider team to connecting with a new horse - groundwork and communication is the backbone of a good relationship.

The goal is to be enjoying your horse’s company and

develop their ability to enjoy yours.


This will be a deep dive into the subtleties of horse communication for a deeper understanding of the horse and yourself. 

  • Horsemanship exercises

  • Horse body language

  • Obstacle challenges

  • Liberty work

  • Longing

I will build a customized plan for getting you and your horse to where you want to be.

One on one session to explore your horse’s potential.

Private lessons for the beginners, those who are looking to rekindle their relationship with horses, and those who want to build a trusting partnership with their horse.

Lessons based out of Cotati in the Bay Area.



Lilia is a trapeze artist who wanted to incorporate a horse in her aerial routine for a performance.

She has basic liberty skills and is a confident rider. She is very in tune with her body language.

The greatest challenge was the fact that being on the silks, Lilia was always in motion. She would have to stay connected with the horse while holding poses often times up side down.

We needed to find a way of being clear in her messages to the horse. 

We needed a horse able to hold it's own in moments of confusion...

and we needed a horse bold enough to not be intimidated by a large piece of cloth blowing in the wind.

Most horses are not willing to engage with 25 feet of mysterious movement. 

We worked with several horses to get them desensitized. Some were too anxious to cooperate in every situation. Others were too restless to stay attentive. Most were not able to carry their role independently. 

Pepper had never done Liberty work before but is a smart and willing partner. Like Lilia, Pepper is an independent thinker and self possessed. She was not intimidated by the silks even when gusts of wind would suddenly blow them in all directions. She is intelligent and fearless and has a strong drive for treats and so is highly motivated to learn. She is also well balanced mentally and connects willingly. She was perfect for the role.

We worked with positive reinforcements and modified Liberty cues as well as Pepper’s natural inclination . She learned quickly what was expected of her and took responsibility with very little hesitation.


Mind & Body Work
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